FmDigitalDesign Blog, 4/2/19


Happy Monday.  I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

Welcome to my photography blog.  Today I am sharing edition 10 of my current project; a trip to Mexico.


A view of Mayan ruins and landscape.


Palm tree surrounded by lush green land.



Wide view of Mayan buildings, green land surroundings and skyline.



Large green trees, with ruins in the background.



Lush green land and skyline.



Strong winds blew this tree, and it grew sideways and up.



Its a birds life.

I hope you enjoyed the collection today.  The next edition will be available tomorrow.

You can see more art and photography galleries at my website;

Thank you for visiting today


Francesca FMDD


About fmdigitaldesign

Hello My name is Francesca,I am the Creator of FmDigitalDesign,, and photographer. I enjoy photography, photo editing, creating PhotoArts, Collages, and much more. Examples are available to view on the online gallery at; As well as editing and creating my own PhotoArts, I also provide an online service for all the public. For more information visit I hope you enjoy the pictures, website and blogs, these are updated regularly
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